We’re an Overseas Education and Placement Consultancy based in USA and India, that specializes in bringing students to the USA for 9 month certification programs on F1 Visa

Our History

Exellor Education is a subsidiary of Exellor LLC, based in Fremont, California, USA.

Exellor Education was started by leaders from Silicon Valley technology companies such as Oracle, Infosys, Cognizant, based on the growing need for Education Advisory services for students who intend to pursue their post-graduate studies in the USA after completion of the 3 or 4 yr Bachelors programs.

Exellor Education advises students on the options for pursuing their studies in the USA, help them select the right program, help in seeking funding, getting H1 VISAs, job seeker assistance after the program and continuous coaching and mentoring services.

Exellor LLC, the parent company has been successfully providing technology staffing, placement and project services for companies such as Cisco Systems, Aruba Networks, NetApp, Trimble Navigation, Wells Fargo etc in California since 2008.

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What Services does Exellor Education provide?

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Before starting the Program

  1. Advice on whether to pursue a 9 month Certification program based on student credentials
  2. Which Certification Program to pursue?
  3. Which University to choose?
  4. How to get financing? Which bank to choose? What are the requirements?
  5. How to write the Application so that its convincing for the Admissions Committee
  6. Guidance and advice on timelines
  7. Working with the Admissions staff to get acceptance into the program
  8. Guidance and advice on getting VISA and going to the consulate
  9. Advice/Coaching in preparation for the trip to the USA

During the Program

  1. Guidance on accommodation, transportation, travel to the university
  2. Guidance and advice regarding the university campus, facilities etc
  3. Coaching/Mentoring on job seeking
  4. Resume preparation
  5. Job Seeker assistance
  6. Introduction to potential employers
  7. Introduction to resume sites

After the Program

  1. Ongoing coaching/mentoring and career advice
  2. Coaching on key areas of concentration and growth
  3. Always available for advice/guidance/coaching

Some of Exellor’s clients where students can get introduced after the program

Wells Fargo
Cisco Systems Inc

Are you passionate about coming to the USA?

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